Amazing therapist! Fully engaged and excited about her work. Lora works to solve the puzzle that is your pain, or imbalance, gently (for the most part) and effectively. I’ve personally had fantastic results from her treatments and would recommend her to anyone looking to relieve pain or put their body into an optimal, balanced, state.
— T.Milne



Thanks for stopping in.

Have a look around, a read and a chance to understand a bit about me and what I do. This is general overview of my work, and this site is the tip of the proverbial iceberg. I find the human body incredibly interesting and nerd out on anatomy, health and anything body related. 

My goal in working with people is to help them achieve a pain free and functional body, and to assist people with information, tools and home maintenance so that they are not dependant on treatments to maintain their physical well-being. 




Structural Integration, the best therapy you have never heard of.

Single treatments

Also known as “spot” treatments, single treatments are a great introduction to the work. Using the same protocol of viewing the entire body and working to bring it back to alignment, theses sessions focus on the immediate area of pain and work to relieve your discomfort and suffering. I usually recommend further treatments, such as a ten series or a minimum.

Basic ten series

The foundation of all Structural Integration work is the Ten Series. Each session is designed to gently move deeper into the structural holding patters of connective tissue and works to release them in a way that allows your natural alignment to emerge. Through this process, we work on the entire body from feet to head, and fingertip to fingertip. One of the key aspects of Structural Integration is that it works through many areas that may not be seen as vital to alignment but can directly affect the body’s overall function.

It is important to complete the entire 10 series to receive the full benefits and long-term healing effects from Structural Integration.

Sessions can be booked from one week, to one month apart. Although it is generally best not to have sessions booked more than one month apart. If necessary, missed sessions can be caught up and often you can still move forward with the ten series.

working with Children

People often ask me if work with children, the answer is always YES! There are many reasons for children to require treatments, they are affected by the physical and emotional stages of growing up, as well as encountering some injury in the process of growing up.

I work with children ranging from a few weeks old to pre-teen and young adults. Some children change and respond very quickly to the work, only needing a few minutes, while other children, with chronic conditions, postural or musculoskeletal concerns, require more work, such as the complete ten series.

As every child and situation is different, please don’t hesitate to ask me about treatment for your child. We will work together to find the best results.

Somatic Experiencing ™

A healthy well-regulated nervous system is able to respond to the environment appropriately as well as cycle throughout the day; responding to events with appropriate levels of elevation (awake and ready to get stuff done!) and de-activation (rest/relaxation).

Through events in our lives such as chronic stress or traumatic events, big or small, the system can get stuck at different stages of activation.If the body is not able to complete the trauma cycle (think of a prey animal escaping a predator and they will shake and tremor, then run and join the group) Somatic Experiencing works to re-negotiate the trauma, allowing the body to integrate and complete, so that the stress and threat is removed from our “current” experience to become part of our history time line. 

 Feelings of being overwhelmed, or an inability to cope, physical tension, long term and re-occurring pain, mood swings, trouble sleeping, intestinal issues such as IBS or leaky glut and PTSD are just some of the issues linked with the nervous system’s inability to properly regulate.

 My own path with the work of SE™ began as professional interest and I soon learned how my own system was effected. I have personally seen the benefits and feel conviction in the importance of this work, so much so I began training to become an SE™ practitioner. I am currently working to complete the three-year training, with a completion date in 2020.

 SE™ sessions can be done seated without contact, or with gentle, appropriate touch at the discretion of the client. The work is done by addressing body sensation and working to increase regulation by slowly working through activation and deactivation of the nervous system. The focus of the work is to not overwhelm the system, but educated the nervous system back to regulation so that the individual has appropriate nervous system responses.

 This is not intended to replace talk therapy or physical therapy, but instead work in conjunction with, and compliment, other therapies you might be using at the time.

My currently level of completion is: Beginning 2

Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is a very non-invasive therapy that works to relieve many neurological and muscle skeletal pain issues, from acute to chronic.

During a treatment, clients will lie down full clothed and the therapist will apply moderate pressure to specific areas of fascia or muscle bundles, most often with a cross fiber motion that can be described as a strumming motion.  Each motion is done in a systematic way over specific areas, with wait time in between for 2 or more minutes, this space allows the nervous system to respond and create more ease in the body.

Other therapies can interrupt the neurological changes that happen with Bowen. For the best results, we encourage you to withhold all other hands on treatments during the course of your Bowen treatments. If other therapy is required, consult with your therapist to discuss timing of other therapy in conjunction with the Bowen to achieve maximum results

Sessions vary in length and the cost per session is reflected by the time used. 

Lora has helped me more than anyone else I have seen. She is through, she does research, and together we decide what therapy approach is best for me. I highly recommend her.
— J.Hendry




New Clients,

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I am pleased to anounce that I am now located within The Pilates Tree, located in the Rex building on the corner of 4th and Seymour. 

Please note that this building is not wheelchair accessible, please contact me for alternative arrangements.



Will this help me?

The body is a wonderfully malleable form, it changes, and changes again, continuously throughout your life. Your specific concern is often better addressed through direct questions to me on the phone or in person. I often suggest to people to try a treatment where I can assess your structure and give you feedback, then you can decide if you’d like to try Structural Integration. I am always happy to discuss your concerns and offer my thoughts on what the best treatment may be for you.


What does it feel like?

Structural Integration works on the soft tissue, so there are no chiropractic-like adjustments. S.I. is more similar to a massage. The tissue work is usually long, slow movements focusing primarily on the large sheets of connective tissue. People often hear that S.I. tissue work is deep and this is true. If pain is felt it comes not from great pressure but from the ability to find the upper most layer of tissue or fascia that is “stuck” and then applying oblique pressure and movement to allow the density of the tissue to change. I work very carefully and encourage continuous feedback so that the treatment is not painful. There may be times of discomfort but most people find that it dissipates very quickly to a deep sense of relief.


What do I wear?

Wear what you are most comfortable in but I need to be able to see your structure. Most treatments are done in bra and underwear or boxer briefs. If there are concerns about clothing please contact me directly.


What will I feel like after the treatment — can I go back to work?

Each treatment affects each person differently. Some people feel like they can go for a long run or hike while some people feel too tired to keep their eyes open and a little groggy. It depends a little on your work and what is personally going on in your body. 

If you have a heavy labor job, or if you are seeking treatment for a job related repetitive strain, I would advise that you try and book the appointment on a day off or at the end of the day. This is two-fold as you may not feel like going back to work once you are relaxed, and you also want to allow your body time to absorb and adjust to the changes made in the session. Most people are able to go back to work and have no issue continuing on with their day.

It is very important that extra water be consumed after the treatment to flush the system and walking, even for a short time, is ideal.

How much does it cost?

Single treatments, as of 2018, are $100.00 including the GST. Cash, Cheque, Debit, Visa and MasterCard are all accepted. 


Is it covered by my insurance and benefits?

 It is not normaly covered through extendend benifits plans, although many people have partial coverage and some even receive coverage from ICBC and Worksafe BC. I am happy to provide any necessary documentation and can speak to your provider.



Lora (lewis) Betts

My introduction to Structural Integration (S.I.) came from my own journey to wellness. A case of whiplash at the age of 6, the result of a car accident, left me with back pain and chronic headaches. My search for relief included conventional medicine, massage and chiropractic treatment. The most effective relief came after discovering Structural Integration.

I have trained with some of the most respected teachers in the Structural Integration field. In 2010 I successfully completed my advanced training under the guidance of Emmett Hutchins, who was a collaborator of Ida Rolf, the originator of “Rolfing” and S.I. work, becoming the only advanced S.I. practitioner in Kamloops.

I have also done extensive professional development; specialising in areas such as scoliosis, fascial research, functional movement, and the pelvis.

I find great satisfaction when I’m able to work with clients, problem solve and bring their bodies back into alignment. I work with the philosophy that each body is unique and that we do not fit the same postural “box”, and by viewing the body in this way we can work to bring you to the best alignment for you!

I enjoy an active and balanced lifestyle that includes yoga, surfing, running, stand-up paddle boarding, skiing and spending time with my husband Ron and our dog Cuilean.





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